History and Objectives

On July 25, 2010, the Guyana Photographers Facebook Group was created by Fidal Bassier with the support of who Michael C. Lam, Kojo McPherson, and Nikhil Ramkarran. Fidal wanted to create a space for photographers to interact with each other and form a support group for this creative industry. The formation and launch of this group via Facebook was the first attempt at an organised activity for this art form since the British Guiana Photographic Society – which existed before Guyana became independent. Ten years later, that humble beginning has resulted in a vibrant Facebook group comprising over 4,000 photographers and photo-enthusiasts with links to Guyana from all over the world. 

Objectives of the Guyana Photographers group:

  1. To promote photography as an art form at the national, regional, and international fora.
  2. To provide a platform where photographers, enthusiasts, and stakeholders can interact with each other. 
  3. To undertake activities that focus on education, creation of meaningful partnerships, and networking among photographers, enthusiasts, and other stakeholders in Guyana, the Caribbean, and around the world. 
  4. To foster growth of this creative sector.

Through these objectives, the group has created a foundation for many photography related activities in Guyana over the last decade which have had a significant impact on this creative sector locally, regionally, and internationally. The members have organised multiple photography walks (photowalks) around Guyana, participated in exhibitions and competitions locally and internationally, and have increased networking among stakeholders for the growth of photography as an art in Guyana. The Guyana Photographers group has truly come a long way and is seen as the place to source photography related persons and services – whether as photographers to cover events, for images to publish, or resource persons to deliver “talks” about photography (in Guyana). 

However, apart from all these accolades, the most important can be seen in the interactions among the members. Photographers (professionals and hobbyists), enthusiasts, and other stakeholders are now more connected than before. There are collaborations to cover events, sharing of equipment and other resources, and general assistance in one form or another from one individual or another. The comradery is ever present. 

Without a doubt, the Guyana Photographers group has metamorphosized over the last decade. As we celebrate a decade, we take the next logical step in the group’s evolution – the group will be formally registered as a photographic society, under the name VISIONS. We thank all those who have contributed to the growth of the group and the photography sector in the past decade and hope to have their continued support as we begin this next chapter.