Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Vol 2

In order not to saturate you by providing all six volumes of the books published in observance of the 10th Anniversary of the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group, we staggered the releases. This second volume focuses on the tenth anniversary photowalks conducted on June 20 and 21, 2020.

On June 20, 2020, three walks were conducted: Mon Repos Market Walk led by Michael C. Lam, Seaside Walk led by Darrell Carpenay, and the Clock Tower Walk led by Brian Gomes. The following day, Tana Yussuff led the Canal #1 Walk. We hope you enjoy the beautiful images of Guyana featured in Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Volume 2.

This volume can be previewed and purchased on Blurb, here.

You can also view the full volume on ISSUU, here.

Link to other publications that were produced in observance of the 10th Anniversary of the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group:

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