Anniversary Photowalks Volumes 1-3


Photowalks have become part of the DNA of the Guyana Photographers’  Facebook Group, when ideas regarding the tenth anniversary of the formation of the group started being discussed, this became the central one almost immediately.

As part of the celebrations, three weekends of Photowalks were planned; four were planned for the weekend of June 6-7 2020, another four walks for the weekend of June 20-21 2020, and six more photowalks for the weekend of July 4-6 2020.

These walks were led by members of the group, namely Darrell Carpenay, Tana Yussuff, Brian Gomes, Dione Vanderhyden, Fidal Bassier and Michael C. Lam (Photos of them in order to the left.)

Participants were asked to self-curate and submit up to 10 images from each weekend, it was open to all members of the group in Guyana at the time of the photowalks.

The resulting images were compiled into three magazine-styled publications, one for each weekend, these were compiled and edited by Fidal Bassier, Taijrani Rampersaud, and Michael C. Lam, and published by the team at VISIONS.

The publications were done in the magazine style to cater to all economic brackets, making them as affordable as possible, there’s no profit markup on Blurb, other than the site’s expenses (production and shipping, etc.)

We encourage everyone at home in Guyana, as well as our supporters in the diaspora to acquire copies for yourselves, you would not be disappointed.  Together, all three cost USD $32.17 plus shipping, for more than 100 pages containing more than 400 photographs.

To purchase, check them over on the Blurb platform at:

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