The Guyana Photographers comprise a group of hobbyists, amateurs, professionals, enthusiasts and general stakeholders who are interested in photography specific to Guyana. Through interactions, the members of this group sharing of knowledge, techniques, and other resources in an effort to experience self-growth and improve the quality of photography from and of Guyana.

While the Facebook group is a platform for Guyanese photographers to interact with each other, this website, which largely consists of blog entries, serves to supplement the information shared via the Facebook group. It provides articles and other “wordy” items that we think are worthwhile to be shared in a blog format for our members and the public.

We try to ensure that all photographs and ideas shared in this space are the original works of our contributors; they they are not then we attribute to the respective owners. Therefore, please remember that the content shared here are the works of the contributors and are protected by international copyright laws; any unauthorised use of their intellectual property is strictly prohibited.