Guyana Photographers’ Yellow Challenge (Challenge #16).  This challenge was not only well received by members, but the quality of images was good overall, and as one of the judges, I’ve decided to do a short review.

Ideally, there should be a review of the images in each challenge, at least of the finalists that are sent to the judges, but given that most of us are working stiffs, the ideal is seldom attainable. Given the amazing images that were entered into the Yellow challenge, I wanted to make some time for a brief review of this challenge.

We are not professionals, so the opinions expressed are merely that of peers and is based on our own experiences in photography and in judging photography.

I know that we may come under fire for some of the comments but we will make them nonetheless.  We begin with the winning photo…

Yellow - Khadija Benn - Bed of Daydreams