PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens 2010-2020, Volume 2

Continuing our celebrations for our tenth anniversary, we are happy to bring the second volume in the virtual books PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the lens, 2010-2020.

GP PhotoWalks 2010-2020 Volume 2.cdr

This volume takes up where Volume 1 left of and contains curated images from photowalks held between August 2012 and January 2014.

Some other publications for the 10th Anniversary: PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens 2010-2020, Volume 1 and Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Vol 1.

Again, we thank all our members, without whom the group would not be what it has become.  Look out for the final volume scheduled to be published  next Saturday.

3 thoughts on “PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens 2010-2020, Volume 2

  1. JOHN says:

    I think that it is commendable that you are providing
    a platform for photographic subjects of Guyana and of course budding talent.
    When is the volume 2 available for purchase and where to buy?.

    • Michael Lam says:

      Thank you John, we continue to try as a group 🙂
      The second volume will be published on Wednesday coming, and if all goes well, the final volume will be published on the following Wednesday.
      They will all be available on

      • john lysek says:

        Hi Michael, thanks for getting back to me.
        I have to say with the greatest of respect, many artists do not know or sometimes have a clue how to represent themselves.
        I have experience and success in Artist Management
        and I can honestly say that there are many issues
        of representation I could help you with.
        One issue, and I do say this with respect, is that you are shooting yourself in the foot by using as a platform.
        Apart from being the wrong market/venue very few people will purchase an item when the postage/handling is almost twice the cost of the product they wish to buy.
        Especially if one wishes to buy in volume.
        The volume choices, security of purchase and delivery are paramount to the viability of of your
        organization/membership going forward.
        Please email me privately and i will be more than pleased to elaborate if you have the time or interest. In the meantime, thanks again.
        Some truly inspiring work.

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